Starting an online business sounds like an easy feat when you first set out to do it, but as anyone who’s done it will tell you—it isn’t. It’s a time suck, all-consuming endeavor that takes ingenuity, patience, determination and hours and hours… and hours… of research. Many who set out to do it, do so without a proper understanding of many of the key elements it takes to ensure the success of your online business. From brand marketing to advertising, there are so many ways to grow your online business. 

Have you gotten your online business set up, but can’t seem to drive organic traffic to it? Have your advertising campaigns sometimes fallen on their face without any results you’re proud of? How about your self-designed logo? Do you feel it doesn’t quite capture the branding you want? If these are some of the questions you’re asking yourself, trust us, you’re not alone. Everyone who starts an online business and sticks with it, will run into these same questions along that road to success. 

Luckily, our team here At Brand Butlr has done the research for you, and laid out the top five ways for you to grow your online business. Let’s dive into them. 

Branding. Is it clear? Or is it time to start over?

Branding is everything when it comes to your, for lack of a better word, brand. So many who start an online business don’t take the time to seek out a marketing manager to help in identifying and designing their brand. This is such a paramount step to your business, one that not done effectively and efficiently will not only send you back to the drawing board, but also cost you more than just money. 


Logo design is everything. Your logo speaks to who your brand is, and frankly, who you are as its creator. It becomes the thing that customers recognize at a quick glance. From your color scheme to the imagery, every small part of your logo needs to be considered. Our team here At Brand Butlr specializes in branding logo design with a unique approach to the process. We look at the whole picture, not just simply the design. We consider how that design will be marketed, so it turns into conversions for your site. 

Speaking of conversions, that brings us to the second item on our list:


Running an online business with a website that has a high conversion rate is every start-up’s dream. But how do you that? Focus. Focus. Focus. And don’t forget the K.I.S.S. method. Keep your website design simple yet attractive. Paying for a professionally designed website can make or break your business. Once that’s up, then making sure it’s running smoothly at all times and that your customers can easily find your most important products or services, and a great call to action. All of these keep you focused as a brand and site visitors becoming customers. 

Be Social!

Social media marketing is everything in this day and age we live in. We have so much at our fingertips. Many online businesses just throw a little money at this part and call it a day, thinking those social ads don’t make much of a difference. Our experienced team of experts At Brand Butlr know this isn’t the case. A well planned social media marketing campaign can make all the difference between having only a handful of regular customers to your product going viral. 


You know them well. You see them every time you go on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or any social media platform. Pay-per-click ads. A well designed, catchy ad campaign can generate numerous clicks for your brand. Proper brand marketing can identify which sites are best for the PPC Ads and drive conversions for your website. These PPC Ads can become one of the fastest ways to drive new business and grow your brand. 

PR Strategy

A good PR strategy can be all the difference for your online business to grow. Working with a team of experts who understand not only how to develop an effective and profitable strategy, but also execute it with precision is a difference maker. Our team At Brand Butlr understands this, and knows how to incorporate all of the above.

There are so many other ways to grow your online business. These are just a few that we know well, and have seen first-hand the results that they bring. We offer all of these services and more At Brand Butlr.